I was JUST having the conversation with one of our sales guys about how his iPhone screen cracked. It fell off the couch and cracked. A 14 inch drop... Now this will amaze all of you who got really angry when you read the title of this post. A woman named Angela Dalton was flying in a single-engine plane in southeast Alabama last Friday.  And while she was taking a photo through an open window, a gust of wind caught her iPhone, and she dropped it out of THE PLANE . . . from around 1,400 feet up.

She was mainly concerned that the phone may end someones life if they were to be struck with it.  But luckily that didn't happen.  And even though she figured the phone was in millions of pieces, she called the phone later that day and it rang. Which of course means nothing, but she was curious.

There was a huge storm over that weekend and she had no way of tracking the iPhone.  So she figured it was a goner.  Then Monday afternoon, a dude named Eric Hall went walking to his mailbox . . . and saw an iPhone lying in his yard in PERFECT CONDITION! WHAT!?!

So he charged it and dialed the last number it called, which was the pilot of the plane it fell out of. The pilot told Eric the flying iPhone story and got the phone back to Angela.  Now the funny thing is, Eric, the guy who found the phone in his yard is an AIR TRAFFIC CONTROLLER.

And in case you're wondering how this unbelievable mystery of an undamaged 1,400 foot dropped iPhone came to be , the phone was wearing a case that is advertised as having, and I quote, "extreme impact protection."

You drop your iPhone off the couch and you destroy the screen, she tosses out of an airplane window and it gets rained on for two days and hers is fine... Jealous yet?