Traci Taylor

Think you’re being all sneaky Pete using your pet’s name as your online password? I’ve got news for you, my friend.  You’re not.


Turns out that your pet’s name is the absolute worst choice to use as a password.


If you use your pet’s name, you’re leaving yourself wide open and pretty much inviting bad guys to hack you. What’s worse than using your pet’s name as your password?  Sharing it with someone else and even worse than that? Writing it down and leaving it near your computer.


If you’re curious just how secure your password is, take look at the most common and in turn worst passwords.  If you use any of these, you might want to do some serious thinking about changing your password:


1. Pet names

2. A notable date, such as a wedding anniversary

3. A family member’s birthday

4. Your child’s name

5. Another family member’s name

6. Your birthplace

7. A favorite holiday

8. Something related to your favorite sports team

9. The name of a significant other

10. The word “Password”