I miss them. What I am about to share with you, only three other people know in full detail. So I would LOVE IT if the unkind comments of late could be saved for another post. Thanks in advance. Now that that is off my chest, both My Mom and Dad died young leaving hardly any closure for me and I would love to just be able to talk to them again. The last words my father and I had were loud angry ones. He was in the hospital with chest pain and fluid under his lungs and I was chatting with him to let the doctors do what needed to be done so he could have a good quality of life. He became angry, most likely out of slight fear saying, "All they want to do is cut me up" I tried to convince him that if that was what needed to be done they should do it. The argument ensued and I left. That was the last time I saw him alive.

My mother had a blood clot move to her heart and lungs and extinguished her light in 45 minutes. The last thing she said to me was "I don't wanna die like your father did." and she did die, just like my father. I would love to talk to them just once more, to ask them how they are doing and to get their insight on my life path just once more. To ask are they happy with me? Are they happy with how things in my life unfolded? Do I make them proud?

I cannot do this, and unless you are a very special person you probably cannot as well. The great thing is that Maureen Hancock is going to be in town soon and I am truly happy she is.

Maureen Hancock

She is a spirit medium. This means shes not a predictor, a fortune teller or a mystic. She simply can communicate with spirits that wish to chat. She's VERY GOOD at this.

I work here, so I cannot get into the Intuitive Tuesdays that will happen with our Hawk Morning Show. That's for you our AWESOME LISTENERS!!! Which means you can have her speak to any relative, friend or close family member that will talk to her! That can be powerful stuff. Healing in a lot of ways! If you'd like to attend her live show we will have Maureen take the stage at The Binghamton Forum Theater on October 11th at 7pm.  She can help you, inspire you to heal. Get your tickets HERE.