I try to tell everyone I meet who is planning their wedding to consider the higher cost of every vendor and adjust downward to meet their needs as they move ahead in their planning. Now... what do I mean by that? Well, You want it to look beautiful, you want the venue to be incredible and the food to perfect. You want your dress and tuxes to be stunning and have everyone in attendance to have the time of their lives right? You have to place the funds from your budget accordingly to have this happen. Two of your biggest expenses will be your photographer and your entertainment.

This is my advice, first you need a stellar photographer. All of the memories from your special day will be held in those stills forever. They need to be perfect. Taken by a skilled photographer, a real master at their craft. Leaving disposable cameras at the tables for your guests to take pictures with is a bad idea. You'll have heads in shots and peoples camera phones, poorly lit pictures and a lot of blurry pics.

Second you need a stellar DJ, or at the very least a stellar Master of Ceremonies to work with your band. I know, "anyone can play music" right? Yes! Anyone can, but not everyone can smoothly announce your events, keep your guests engaged, read your dance floor or keep your reception on a time schedule. If your dance floor is empty, and your guests are not engaged and entertained, that is all they will talk about when they speak of your wedding to others.

I will share with you a video that shows exactly what I speak of. A wedding DJ ruining an otherwise beautiful reception for this couple. The Master of Ceremonies IS WEARING JEANS FOR PETES SAKE! OK, I'm not going to rant and rave about this, but watch this video and keep in mind that this could happen if you do not hire a professional.