I found an AMAZING steal on eggs, but the deal was that I had to buy three dozen in order to receive the low price which equaled the normal cost of just one dozen.  I'm just one person and eggs aren't really part of my daily diet, but I couldn't resist.  So I bought the eggs and froze them.

That's right- eggs can be frozen.  Here's how (you won't believe how simple it is!):

(The number one rule to freezing eggs is that you can NOT freeze them in the shell. )

Step 1: find some freezer proof containers

Step 2: crack open however many eggs you want to freeze and pour them into the container.

Step 3: using a fork, mix the eggs well.

Step 4: put the lid on the freezer proof container, making sure it's closed TIGHTLY and give the container a good shake.

Step 5: write down on a piece of paper how many eggs you put in the container and use double stick tape to tape the note to the freezer proof container.

Eggs will last a year in the freezer.  To use, just take out the container holding however many eggs you want to use and then let it thaw in the fridge before cooking with the eggs.

Easy peasy, right?