I'm rolling down to the second Vestal exit yesterday and see a bunch of cars in the snow banks with people coming to their aid. I approached a young guy stuck, with no help on the exit. So, I stopped to see if he needed help! He was on the phone with whom I only assume to be a tow truck or AAA and immediately hung up to accept my offer.

We hooked him up to my tow rope, I dropped the Chevy in 4X4 and pulled him out. Now it was not a smooth extraction, he was in there pretty good. Getting him pulled straight meant he ended up on top of the snow bank, where we waited and I pulled him across the lane and over the bank onto the road when traffic let up. He was visibly shaken. I mean he did just plow the bank, ride it for 10 feet and plop back onto the road facing the wrong direction. BUT!!! He was out and on his way as soon as we got the snow out of his exhaust pipe!

He asked if I wanted money and I of course refused. If your reading this right now buddy... I had the chance to help you and play with my truck. I'm good!  :-)