‘Tis the season to tip.  But who should you tip and how much should you give them? This is a question that I wrestle with every holiday season and if you’re in the same boat, here’s some info that might help.  Remember, it’s up to you how much to tip, but if you don’t at least leave a little something you might be seen as a scrooge and nobody wants that! If you can’t afford to leave the recommended tip, at least send a nice personalized card.  You don’t need to go into detail why you didn’t include a tip.  Just wish the person well in a heartfelt way.  That way they’ll remember you thought of them during the holidays and won’t be so focused on the fact you didn’t leave them a tip.

Apartment Building Staff- suggested tip: $20 to $100

Dog Walker- suggested tip: one week's pay

Landscaper/Gardener- suggested tip: cost of one visit

Mail Person- Suggested tip: gift (U.S. Post Office and FedEx workers are not allowed to accept cash.)

Personal Trainer- suggested tip: cost of one session

Babysitter/Nanny- suggested tip: one week’s pay

Hair Stylist- suggested tip: one visit’s pay

Manicurist- suggested tip: cost of one session

Massage Therapist- suggested tip: cost of one session

Trash Collectors- suggested tip: $10 to $20 each