All of us at 98.1 the Hawk hold a special place in our hearts for one of the greatest musical legends in all of music.  April 30th, Willie Nelson turns 80 years old.  Happy Birthday Willie from your many fans in the Greater Binghamton area.

I can't help but remember the 5 times I met Willie Nelson in person.  While I never was lucky enough to have an official backstage pass, I would always stand by his tour bus and more times than not, he would come and greet his fans.

One of my favorite memories was a conversation I had with the 'Red Headed Stranger,' in Binghamton when he played the Anderson Center.  I remember how gentle and appreciative he was to meet the 10 or so fans that gathered by the tour bus.  He took the time for a photo, wanted to know more about me and seemed like he genuinely cared.

Willie Nelson and Family will be part of the 'Taste Of Country Music Festival,' performing June 13th, part of the inaugural 3-day 'Taste of Country Music Festival,' at Hunter Mountain.  To find out about the new tier of tickets available and the daily lineup, click HERE.