Happy Administrative Professionals Day...formerly Secretary's Day. Do you remember when you could say "Happy Secretary's Day" and it wasn't offensive?  We have an awesome Administrative Professional (Heather), she makes us look great everyday. However, here are some signs you may have a bad AP.

5) You're constantly calling in the firefighters to free her/him from the candy machine.

4) You can't remember the last time you got a letter or phone call at work.

3) You have to scrape White-Out off the computer monitor.

2) When she/he gets low on typing paper, you tell her/him to use copy paper. They take a blank piece of typing paper and puts it into the copy machine and makes 10 copies.We actually had a intern that did that.

1) She/He has a hard time alphabetizing a bag of M&M's and can't get the hang of Post-it Notes.

So do something special for your Sec....I mean Administrative Professional today. Remember that person who makes you look good everyday. Flowers are always nice....At least I hope Heather thinks so.