As we brace ourselves for what the National Weather Service in Binghamton says is a storm that could bring “the most widespread, heavy snowfall, we have seen in the past few years,” the Greater Binghamton Airport has already begun taking safety precautions and has cancelled a couple of flights, according to their Facebook page.

The flights arriving and departing through the Binghamton Airport canceled at this time include:

2/4/14: US Airways flight 4207, which was due to arrive at 10:35pm

2/5/14- US Airways flight 4155 departing at 7am.

If either of these cancellations affects you, please call 800-428-4322 for re-accommodations and if you or someone you know is flying in or out of Binghamton Airport, keep an eye on their Facebook page for more flight updates and cancellations as they come in.