Just like children, if you hear a threat too many times, you tend not to believe it anymore.  I think that's why people are not paying as much attention to another threat of government shutting down if they don't reach an agreement by midnight tonight.

If it does happen at 12:01am tomorrow, it would be the 18th government shutdown since 1976.

So what can you expect living in the Southern Tier?  Here's what would NOT be affected by a government shutdown:

Mail delivery, Social Security and Medicare benefits

Those affected include:

Travelers waiting for their passports, while State Parks would NOT be affected, visitors to national parks and Smithsonian museums would be.  Low-to-moderate-income borrowers and first-time home buyers seeking government-backed mortgages could see delays.

If you want to learn more, click HERE to have most of your questions answered.  And in the mean time, keep your fingers crossed.  It may be unlucky #18.