So on Thursday, I did a story about Devon and his first job.  So at our July 4th get together it lead to a conversation about our first jobs.

My first job was on a farm in Warren Center Pa.  I "hayed" it at Ashley Allen's farm.  "Hayed" it means that we would take the hay off the wagon, put it on the hay elevator and send it up into the hay mound in the barn.

Sometimes I would be the one sending it up the elevator.  Other times I would be the one in the hay mound, I would throw the hay to Gary (Ashley's son) to stack or I would be the one stacking the hay in the barn.  That was always fun when the temperature reached 90 plus with big time humidity.

Gary was deathly afraid of snakes. So if we wanted a break, we would put a snake on a bale, send it up the elevator and wait for Gary to shout these immortal words "#%^#&$" from the hay mound.  He would then tell us to turn off the elevator.  We never told him that we put the snake on the hay bale on purpose and would never admit it either because, well let's just say that we valued our lives. That could have been a movie "Snake on a Hay Elevator."

Another thing I remember about that job was lunch.  We would always take a break from noon-1 to eat.  Cora (Ashley's wife) would always make lunch and we would eat it at the kitchen table.  She always had the TV on in the kitchen.

This was before the days of cable and in Warren Center, only WBNG-TV came in without 3 ghosts on the screen.  So we would see the news til 12:30 and catch the first half hour of The Young and The Restless.  It's amazing that 30 years later that many of the same cast is still on the show and I can still follow the plot lines. Victor Newman was (and is) my favorite. He was the bad guy in the 2nd Planet of the Apes movie.

It was a wonderful experience that I will never forget.  We want to hear from you.  Leave a comment below or call us 607-720-9801.