My son Devon began his first job on Wednesday.  He is a part time worker at Montrose Motors in Montrose Pa. From all accounts he did very well and still has his job.

One of the tasks he had was hanging up flags in front of the building for the Montrose 4th of July parade.  As of this morning the flags are hanging.  GREAT JOB Devon, I'm very proud of you.

Today is a day when we celebrate our independence. I also think it's a day that we should be thankful for what we have.  I'm thankful for my kids and all the great things they do and want to do.  Devon wants to be a meteorologist someday, in fact he has his own weather Facebook page called "Buckland's Weather Predictions."  Feel free to go ahead and "like" his page.

The Montrose 4th of July parade begins at 11am today.  When you go by Montrose Motors, the flags that are hanging are put there by Devon. I couldn't be prouder of ya.  Keep up the great work and a special thanks to Bud Vitale for giving him the opportunity.