An Australian study found that if you are shivering for 10-15 minutes you are burning as much fat as 30 minutes of moderate exercise! Which is good considering that winter has beat the living daylights out of us Upstate New Yorkers... They found that being cold and working out both produce something in your body called "brown fat" which is a good kind of fat that burns calories.

I have no idea how this works. All I know is that once my hands get cold I'm useless. end of story. This however is making me wonder a few things about how we exercise! Instead of Hot Yoga, should we be doing Iceberg Yoga? should we have refrigerated gyms with mandatory warm up rooms? How about Zumba in a walk in freezer? Weight Watchers Cold As Ice, with meetings outside in the winter? Should we be taking cold baths to help maintain our weight?

The possibilities are endless, but how uncomfortable are Americans willing make themselves for health and beauty?