Does the name Julie Roberts ring a bell?  No, not Julia Robert, Julie Roberts.  Julie had a country hit back in 2004 called Break Down Here.

Well, sadly for her, Julie’s life kind of had a breakdown.  Things were going great for her but in May of 2010 a flash flood rose to the front door of her home. In an interview with The Washington Post back in 2012, she talked about how the rain teared away the rooftop of her house and how she watched her Mercedes Benz car wash away. Julie lost all of her possessions and her record deal and then she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

Julie is trying to get her foot back into the game and so she auditioned for The Voice, but that was a breakdown too.

Rumor has it back in the day Julie had some sort of relationship with Blake Shelton and hoped if she sang one of his songs he’d recognize her voice and giver her a chance.  But that didn’t happen. Julie didn’t do such a good job on Blake’s God Gave Me You and not only didn’t he recognize her voice, but nobody turned their chair around for her.

Blake was pretty much mortified when he turned around and realized that he didn’t give Julie a chance. But Julie took the high road, releasing a statement statement  after the show regarding her audition:

As some of you may have seen tonight, I was one of the blind auditions featured on ‘The Voice’.  I haven’t been able to talk about my experience with The Voice until it aired and now that it has, I wanted you all to hear about it directly from me. For the last two years, I have been invited to come audition to participate in the show, and this past year, I decided to take a chance and see what would happen if I did. So, I took the first step and went to Memphis, TN last summer to meet with the producers and sing for them. Then, they invited me to move to LA for about 6 weeks to participate in the blind auditions. While in LA, I met so many wonderful people including other contestants, my amazing vocal coach -Romeo, and so many special folks that God brought into my life for that season.

Poor girl!

Take a listen to Julie’s audition from last night and then check out the music video from 2004 for Break Down Here.  Let’s hope this girl’s luck turns around sometime soon!