We've always done what we can for the community and it feels great. Now it's time for the Food-A-Bago to get itself parked at Weis on Upper Front Street and feed some people!

Glenn, Traci, John and myself will be broadcasting live from the camper beginning halloween morning until November 7th. We need desperately food to feed the less fortunate in the Southern Tier! Just like in years past we are challenging local businesses, clubs, schools and organizations in the Southern Tier to take the two cart challenge! Here's how it works... you are from "Business A, you go into any food store and buy 2 shopping carts full of non-perishable food for donation to C.H.O.W. Then you go on the air with me and challenge friends or competitors in the business to the same or out do your efforts. You get to call out your competitors or friends live on air!!

TSM Binghamton

I'd love to see my Alma mater, The Chenango Valley Warriors collect as much food as possible, bring a freaking dump truck if they have to, full and unload it at the camper. Then challenge the Chenango Forks Blue Devils to do the same or out do them.


I'll be doing my show live from the camper the whole time. So please, all my friends and family come see me. Hang out and lets have some fun!

TSM Binghamton