It drives me crazy when people underestimate little kids. Kids are a lot more clued in and composed than people think and five-year-old Holly Price is proof of that.

Little Holly gave her dad the very best ever early Father's Day gift- his life.  Holly found her dad, Barry Barkess, unconscious on the couch last Saturday and calmly came to his rescue.

Barry has been insulin dependent for 33 years, and he and Holly’s mom taught her what to do if he ever became ill. So, after finding her dad on the couch, Holly went to the fridge, got her father’s glucagon injection kit, and gave him his shot in his stomach. Then she went to the phone and called her mom, Sandra.

Barry regained consciousness 15 minutes later and found Holly and her mother sitting next to him.  “For her to come along out of the blue and remember everything is amazing. I am overwhelmed that the information Sandra and I gave Holly has been understood and acted on at such a young age,” said Barry. “This act of bravery by her has probably saved my life or stopped me from having life-threatening complications.”

I think someone deserves a pony. Or at least a really awesome motorized car.