So, One of your favorite childhood beverages Root Beer, now actually IS booze! So first off the reason they call this fizzy sweet drink Root BEER is because you have to make it in a similar fashion as it's not root containing counterpart. I would've thought before now some wise guy with a brewing system somewhere in the world would've done this by now!  But, Congrats to Sprecher Brewing Company of Wisconson for making sure root beer floats will never be innocent again.  Sprecher calls it Hard Root Beer. The fermented beverage will have 5% ABV and combine the taste of their regular root beer with some bourbon and oak flavor.

Sprecher is going to make the Hard Root Beer available later this week in test markets in Wisconsin. This limited edition will provide the company the information needed to tweak the formula if necessary before large-scale production.

The general public will be able to buy Hard Root Beer in 12-ounce bottles and four packs will be priced at $5. The time is now to stock up on supplies for the Hard Root Beer unveiling. #1 Go buy a bigger freezer. #2 Buy enough vanilla ice cream to fill the aforementioned freezer. #3. Buy clothes that are two sizes bigger than what you currently wear.