On Friday the Food Network announced that they’re firing Paula Deen after 14 years on the air because of reports that she aired a series of arguably racist comments while being deposed for a lawsuit. But the deposition we’re just hearing about wasn't the first time that Paula Deen has voiced questionable views on race.

Over the weekend, video of a New York Times Talk from last year surfaced and in it she talked about how hard it was for her great grandfather to lose his slaves.

“Between the death of his son and losing all the workers, he went into his barn and shot himself because he couldn’t deal with those kind of changes,” Paula said. “Back then, black folk were such an integral part of our lives, they were like our family, and for that reason, we didn’t see ourselves as being prejudiced.”

She then had her African American employee/friend named Hollis Johnson walk out, saying that he was “as black as this board.” She took his hand and added, “we can’t see you in front of that dark board!” She then said she trusted Johnson with her life, “and color ain’t got nothing to do with it.”

Some say that Paula is trying to do damage control, but somehow manages to keep putting her foot in her mouth.  However, Paula's hardcore fans are coming to her defense and appear to be ready to go to battle for her.

On Saturday, Paula Deen fans swarmed her Savannah restaurant called The Lady and Her Sons and talked about not just what food they were going to pick from the menu, but also about boycotting the Food Network for their decision to fire Paula.

The reaction regarding Paula's firing has been mixed as you can see by some of these posts on the Food Network Facebook page.

Pat Jopling- My question is: How many employees of the Food Network do you believe are completely "pure" and have no history of EVER using/misusing and improperly articulating a belief/value? I believe if they truly wish to proceed with an impetuous decision, they should begin within their own "house"--and "cann" everyone who EVER made an improper statement towards racism, sexism, ageism, etc--I think they would have to proceed with firing a good portion of their own employees. The Food Network has just lost my support!

Dawn Kozeluh-Gallo- What you did to Paula Dean was way to extreme! Shame on you for bring so quick to judge!

George R. Chapman- I wish Paula had not taped that disturbing on air apology and begging for forgiveness crap. She has nothing to apologize for and it came across that she was guilty of something.

Sharon Lucier-I guess I'm the only one who doesn't care if you fired Paula Deen. I thought her and her y'all sweet tooth attitude was fake.

Anna Beth Alexander-I believe that your network jumped the gun on with Paula Deen. I like most people was upset by what she was accused of saying, but now that the entire deposition is available I am not shocked. Seems the story has two sides and you should have waited until the trial. In this country, even Paula Deen is inocent until proven guilty.

Laura Jean Flad-I like Paula Deen, but sometimes an apology is not enough to undo damage. I forgive her for the racial slurs, but if you do wrong, then you should be punished for it. Life and death are in the power of the tongue, and her words did not give life. How would she like it if someone made racial comments about her or her race? She wouldn’t.

Brian Berezowski-I've never watched the food network, and I am not a fan of Paula Dean, but really... I mean, really? Fired? c'mon. Really?

Hawk Facebook friends are also chiming in and here's what they have to say:

Wendy Doing-Poyer- Would it have been different if she was black and said to a white person,"your as white as a ghost"?I`m sure that person wouldn`t have been fired.

Jacqueline Ostrom- Food Network can go to HELL - and probably will!

Comfort Mallery- Lets remember this happened allegedly some 30 years ago. Different time and different place. Get over. I'm so sick of living in a society where we can't say anything with (*&^%^& someone off and also tired of this double standard where the race in question can use the word till the cows come home but anybody else says it and oh my lord and taylor the world is going to end.

Desirae Lynn- I think what she said def had to do with how when an where she was raised. I don't think she was tryin to be racist. But being a public figure what she says is put out there dot everyone. An of course your going to get people who take offense.

Lois Ann Vincent- The network is all wrong in doing this to Paula. People say things all the time and really who cares. Its just another word. Everybody makes a mistake now and than.


Bob Ostrom- Everyone on the Food Net. & QVC WHO HAS ever said that word years ago should be fired.But they seem to be gutless and would lie about it. We love you Paula.

Nicole Schneider- Sounds like Food Network is using this as an excuse to get rid of Paula over something else they do t want public. Also creates some free publicity too

Jeremy Jones- Not much sympathy here...being a TV star she should be more careful what she says in public settings...look what happened to the Dixie Chicks..and they never recovered!

What do you think?

We got a couple calls from Hawk listeners who wanted to share how they feel.  Here's what they had to say: