If you haven't checked out the farmers market in Downtown Binghamton lately, or maybe if you didn't even know it was there, you are missing great deals and great performances! Local farmers sell fresh fruits and vegetables on Collier Street with great prices and great music! This Friday, it's healthy food and Jazz by the group Enerjee!


From the Office of the Mayor:

The Binghamton Economic Development Office invites residents to attend the 9th performance of the 2013 Brown Bag Concert Series on Friday, August 9th, from noon to 1:00 pm at the Downtown Binghamton Farmers' Market on Collier Street adjacent to the Courthouse. Friday’s concert will feature "Enerjee Jazz". The ensemble is versed in Blues, Swing, Straight Ahead, and Cool jazz and performs everywhere from public events lounges and private parties!
The Brown Bag Lunch Series features 12 free performances on Fridays until August 30th.  If you'd like a concert schedule, they are printed on brown paper lunch bags and have been dropped off at office buildings, store fronts and restaurants.