Late last week, my daughter Tara had a Elf on a Shelf appear at our house.  She named her Suzie.  Suzie goes back every night to tell Santa whether shes been naughty or nice that day.  It's had immediate dividends because Day 1, Suzie appeared in her bedroom and Tara cleaned and vacuumed her room without being asked too.

Now its paying off for me. Suzie is apparently a Washington Redskin fan as well.  Some may know that I have a 7 foot knight in my house.  His name is Sir Washington.  I named him after the Washington Redskins.  I also have a smaller knight named Sir Bobby, named after Bobby Labonte but that's a story for another day.  I asked Suzie before the game that since she was in front of the TV, could she bring some good luck to Washington.  So last night, the Redskins actually found a way to win against the Giants on Monday night.  They haven't won at home on Monday night since 1997.

This morning when I was getting ready to come to work, I found Suzie sitting with Sir Washington.  I told Tara that Suzie must be a Washington fan, she said well she is red. She's smart that way.  So now if I could get Suzie to stick around till the Super Bowl, the Skins might have a chance.  If you don't know, Suzie leaves on Christmas Eve night.