Sometimes when business is down, companies will drop their prices.  That's not the DisneyWorld way. They've raised the 1 day ticket to 99 dollars. Epcot Center, Disney's Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom are all going to 94 bucks. Here's my thoughts.

5) If they think I'm paying that.....they are living in Fantasyland.

4) One of the reasons for the hike is the rising cost of raising Dalmatians.  Just cut back like most of us do.  Choose Kibbles OR Bits.

3) When Mickey Mouse was asked about it, he replied, "That's Goofy."

2) I blame Disney for making me believe that everything will have a happy ending.

1) When the Super Bowl MVP was asked what he was going to next, he said "I'M going to Disney world......The kids are staying home.