So you've gone and planned a your day to remember. Your dress is perfect, the venue is beautiful the flowers are great... You've learned everything you know from your favorite websites and you are proud to say this is your creation! Did you learn what to do digitally??

That's right I said digitally. You can definitely enhance your wedding digitally. AND you can smash it as well. Ready? Grab a pen and paper you'll wanna take notes. remember... I kinda do this stuff all the time.

#1. DON'T Run Your Mouth On Facebook.









That above is obviously fake... But seriously. If you cannot squeeze out short happy statuses on your wedding day... Just shut up.

#2 DO Ustream Your Event
Listen somewhere, somehow, someone is not going to be able to join you on your wedding day. Think about all those friends from College that you can't possibly afford to invite... Let them still see you get married and join you for the reception. All you need is a free UStream account and a couple of WIFI enabled video cameras. Ask your sisters teenager to shoot live video feed with the camera for a dish of grub at dinner. print the stream address an your invitations.  Now your cousin in China can watch your special day on any device.

#3 DON'T Pass Out Disposable Cameras









I have said this before and I will say this again, none of the pics you will get will be usable. HIRE A PHOTOGRAPHER.

#4 Do Inform guests to Hashtag and post all pics
Almost all of your guests will have smartphones. Encourage them to hashtag thier pics and load them to their twitter feed. Example: #SmithWedding  Why? Because then you get a screen and projector and open up the hashtag feed on the connected computer. Now you have a real time photo gallery at your reception.

#5 DON'T Bring Your Cellphone To The Ceremony

Texting during your ceremony... no, just... NO!

#6 DON'T Text Your Guests Afterward Scolding Them For Cheap Gifts









Remember, just like Christmas. It's the thought that counts.

#7 DON'T Keep Your Phone In Your Cleavage
It's sweaty and not good for your phone. This isn't a downtown bar. It's your wedding. Shoving your hand down the front of your dress constantly is tacky. Carry it in a small purse with other lady stuff if your must have it with you.

#8 DO Take Some Selfies!
You are wearing THE MOST EXPENSIVE dress you will ever wear. Once. Do it.

#9 DO Set A Locale On Your Wedding Ceremony and Reception Sites On Google Maps

Credit: Google Maps










This makes it super easy for your out of town guests to find where you are!

#10 DON'T Post Daily About Your Wedding

Credit: Facebook Messenger











People get annoyed, jealous, and annoyed. Daily countdowns and  posting every little detail about your wedding is TOO MUCH. Your wedding will be over done before you even do it.

#11 DO Affix a GoPro Camera Inside Your Bouquet

Enough Said.

#12 DON'T Facebook At The Altar.

Update your relationship status the next day... for the love of Pete!