A car fire is no doubt one of the scariest things that can happen to a person while they’re driving and it’s exactly what happened to Dick Van Dyke yesterday.

Dick and his wife were able to escape their burning car uninjured thanks to Good Samaritans who jumped to the rescue.

Dick was driving his car on a Los Angeles highway when it started to smoke and then exploded.

The 87-year-old actor was driving to the dentist right before the explosion happened. According to his rep, Dick was leaning over to get something from the glove box when the car started smoking.

Luckily for Dick and his wife, there was a fire truck and ambulance nearby and first responders were able to help them get out of the car quickly.  Just after they got out of the car, it exploded.

Van Dyke's wife Arlene tweeted a video of the wreck and wrote, "Van Dyke’s melted car… He’s fine thank God!!"

Van Dyke says he received help at the scene from "a fireman and a nurse and a cop who just happened to be passing by."