Traci Taylor and Kelly Clarkson

I can tell you the last season I watched American Idol.  It was the last season with Simon Cowell.  Each season since just hasn’t done anything for me.I think the show needs a major revamp if it’s going to survive and it looks like the rumors were true- that American Idol is looking to put some past contestants in the judge’s chairs. 

After Vulture reported earlier this week that producers were considering a judging panel made up of former contestants, reports now claim they’re already in talks with Jennifer Hudson about joining the show.

Jennifer Hudson, who went on to win a Grammy and an Oscar, was voted off in seventh place during season three. Word is Kelly Clarkson and Adam Lambert are also being considered for the show.

Can you imagine a judging panel of Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson and Keith Urban? I’d definitely watch. Or maybe they’d go to a four judge seat and snag Kelly, Jennifer, Keith and Adam Lambert.