So Time Warner Cable has finally sold the company to a larger provider. Comcast, who has 22 million subscribers of it's own is now gaining TWC's 11.2 million. For a long time we the people of Upstate New York have been voicing the same opinion, "This is HORRIBLE". Will it get any better now that the company has changed hands? My guess is no. The companies statement to the public is:

"The new cable company will generate multiple pro consumer and pro-competitive benefits, including an accelerated deployment of existing and new and innovative products and services for millions of customers."

So does this mean that we will be able to watch all the channels we pay for on any device we own like dish subscribers can? will the internet STAY ON? How about being able to get a cable box that is from this century? Will the picture finally be crisp and clear?

I doubt it. Comcast will be inheriting all the equipment that TWC already has. So they would have to put a lot of money and man hours into getting the equipment up to the same speed as there sky driven counterparts.  They will have the same customer service personnel with just a new set of rules. So I don't think you'll feel like anything has changed. You may see a different logo here and there. Otherwise, we'll have to see what surprises in policies we have in awaiting us Upstate NYers.

Food for thought... I was in Houston Texas a couple of years ago and had an intense conversation about Comcast with a local Texan business owner. I won't resurrect the entire conversation I had with this gentleman. I will just sum it up for you by showing you a picture of this truck:

Credit: Rich Birdsall