I guess he got sick of the fair because over the weekend, my friends tell me a longhorn steed got loose and roamed the city streets in the town that I recently moved here from and firefighters and police chased the animal all over trying to capture him. Oh, and there was also a clown car crash.

You've seen the stunt a million times.  30 or so clowns cram into a tiny clown car and one by one they crawl out of the car and just when you think the last has climbed out, another appears out of nowhere.

That's not exactly how this clown car crash happened though. 83-year old James Billingsley, also known as 'Dimples the Clown' was on his way to the York Fair last week when he missed a turn and while attempting to make a u-turn, slammed into an SUV with his mini-van, which was hauling a clown car.

Dimples walked away with a tiny bump on his head, but his passenger and the people in the SUV weren't hurt. Imagine being the responding police officer and getting to the scene and seeing men dressed as clowns standing at the side of the road. I'm sure once they found out everybody was alright they had a hard time holding in their laughter at the costumes.

Police said Dimples was wearing clown shoes but that his over-sized silly shoes apparently didn't play a role in the crash.