The hot, new addition to China's world famous cuisine is something you should probably never eat. Ever.

It's stories like this that make me so thankful for the food regulations that we have here in America.  Sure, they could probably be a bit tighter, but at least we've got them.

Word on the street is that a growing number of food vendors throughout China are cooking their food in something they call "gutter oil."

If you think the name sounds disgusting, wait until you hear what it is. It's basically any type of oil that was gathered from sludge found in streets, dumpsters, garbage cans, dead animals and raw sewage. Uh huh, sewage.

Here's how they cook with it- after they gather whatever type of disgusting stuff they can find, they pour it into barrels and put it through a process to distill the oil out of it. Then, they use that oil to cook the food that ends up at many street vendors and ultimately in the stomachs of people who have no idea. Until now, because you're going to help me spread the word, right?

If you like disgusting things and are intrigued and curious how the process works, here you go: