A lot of Americans are local business owners. Should we be OK with kids running around the businesses we frequent? I stopped to get lunch locally and the couple running the business had their kids there, the son began to act out while the nice lady was checking me out. He began hitting, screaming and biting her. She stopped what she was doing and with my credit card in hand, sat him down and scolded him. He husband stopped making my food and took care of the unruly child. She came back and finished checking me out.

I assumed that they just didn't have a babysitter for that day. But, while I was eating I noticed the door to the kitchen was open. inside the door was a complete play area and dining set up for the children! Obviously, the little ones (3 total) are there quite a lot.

I don't know the rules of running a restaurant set by New York State or the department of heath and such, but from a customers stand point... Do you think having a kitchen and sometimes dining room full of youngsters is ok?