The world has changed so much since I was a kid. I remember walking the neighborhood around my school after school with my friends, knocking on doors and trying to sell wrapping paper and such to raise money for our Pop Warner Cheer Squad. Now that we're grown, my friends who've got kid involved in cheer are the ones trying to sell things because sadly, it's not safe for kids to go door-to-door anymore.

The reason my mind wandered back to my my door-to-door sales days was because I heard that New York education officials are in the process of recognizing competitive cheerleading as a sport for the safety of those who participate.

A committee of the State Board of Regents approved the proposal to make cheerleading a sport yesterday and are expected to consider it today.  The Regents say that by recognizing cheer as a competitive sport, schools will have to follow a set of standards that will be beneficial for kids. Right now, there aren't any limits on how long the cheer season lasts or required practice days.

New York State officials say that already 34 states and the District of Columbia already recognize cheer as a sport. The New York State Public High School Athletic Association has already drafted rules and regulations in anticipation of this recognition.