I'm seeing more and more signs in local businesses where they are asking people to turn off their cell phones.  In fact, they used to have a sign posted at the Binghamton Post Office but since a customer complained, they were forced to remove it.

As I once pointed out on this web site, there was a restaurant that offered a discount if you turned your cell phone off for the meal.  That cracked me up.

I have friends across the pond that tell me more and more places are setting aside cell phone zones where phone users can make calls without bothering other people.  Quite dramatic I know.  Could you see that working in a Southern Tier grocery store?

So if there were to be rules for cell phone use, what would you like on the list?  That's the question I asked around the radio station this afternoon and here's a sample of what I got back.

#1-  Be aware of people around you and by all means, try not to walk and talk with a hands free device as people think you are talking to them and they make people feel as silly as you may look.

#2-  If you are at dinner or with someone you care about and your phone rings and you did not mute your phone, excuse yourself from where you are and take the call where the fewest number of people may hear you.

#3-  Get in the habit of using your unlimited text plan.  But again, if you are talking with someone, don't think you look cool by checking it all the time.  Not cool.

#4-  Never ever text and drive...period.  Is a call that important to jeopardize your life or someone else's life?

#5-  If you can't get out of the way because you are at a packed concert for example, keep the call short and try to give yourself at least 10 feet between you and someone near you.