5 Ways to Keep Cool in the Southern Tier
It's either too hot, too cool, too wet or too dry in the Southern Tier.  There truly is no winning as you can't get anyone to agree on the perfect day.  After a long winter and wet spring, you would think people would welcome a couple of 90 degree days.  Personally, I love i…
Flash Flood Watch Tonight
With so much going on this summer, it gets to be a challenge to make outdoor plans.  Our friend Howard Manges from the WBNG Storm Tracker Weather Center just let us know that a flash flood watch continues through 2am for Chenango, Cortland, Otsego and Tompkins Counties with most of the Hawk lis…
Awesome Weather Forecasted for Country Lights 2015
After rain earlier this week, everyone wants to know what is the weather forecast for this tonight's Country Lights concert in Binghamton. The good news? The weather looks great! There are NO excuses to not come out and enjoy the show. Check out the hourly forecast here.
Will This Weekend Be a Weather Washout?
Most of us work much too hard here in the Southern Tier to have a weekend of rain.  Although our gardens enjoy the wet weather, most of us want to get outside to enjoy the short summer we are rewarded each weekend.

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