Extreme Water Shortage Will Affect the Southern Tier
It seems as though everyone I talk to has complained about the weather in the Southern Tier but actually with the exception of the devastating floods that hit many parts of the Southern Tier a few years back, we've actually had it quite good.  Take California for example.  "T…
How You Know You’re Ready for Winter to Be Over [GLENN REACTS]
So are you tired of winter? Bad news, it's not done with us yet. More snow and bitterly cold temperatures are coming. Tonight it'll feel like 25 below with the wind chill and colder yet on Thursday night with wind chills at -30.
This February could be one of the coldest in history! Here are…
Almost Annual New York State Crappie Derby Is Saturday
The Almost-Annual New York State Crappie Derby almost lived up to it's name. But like the saying goes, "Good things come to those who wait." It's now back on!
Want to something different for Valentines Day? Put your "love" for ice fishing to practice this…
How to Enjoy a Day Off – Kid Edition
Some people in the Southern Tier got to enjoy a slightly unexpected 3-day weekend, including my kids. So how did Tara spend it? She relaxed in ways that makes most of us jealous. Now this is how to enjoy a day off.

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