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Blake Shelton Ready for SNL Debut
Blake Shelton's Hawk fan base in the Binghamton area is counting down the days until he yells "Live from New York, It's Saturday Night Live."  Blake will make his SNL debut January 24th on the iconic NBC variety show.
American Idol Season 14 Premiere Recap [WATCH]
Wednesday night saw the return of American Idol for its 14th season. The past few years have been shaky for the show with critics questioning how much longer it would stick around, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a major revamp and revival this year.
Netflix Cracking Down on Piracy Protection
50 Million subscribers can't be wrong and for the most part, Netflix runs flawlessly.  However, with that many people there are always some that try to trick the system and the streaming company is already addressing this with peeps accessing content from other countries using VPNs or prox…
Remembering Edward Herrmann
With all the activities over the holiday's you may have missed this but, Edward Hermann has passed away.
He was one of my favorite actors; one I had the opportunity to meet a couple of years ago.

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