If you're as bummed as I am that you're not going to the Taste of Country Music Fest that kicks off tomorrow at Hunter Mountain, chin up buttercup because you can watch the webcast from the comfort of your house right here!

Now, in order to check out the Taste of Country webcast, you need to reserve your FREE online ticket. You'll need to reserve a ticket for each day of the festival, so one for Thursday, one for Friday and one for Saturday. And probably you don't want to wait too long to reserve your free online ticket because who knows how many tickets are still available.

Here's what you'll need to do:

1) Visit the Taste of Country Webcast page

2) Click "reserve ticket" next to whichever day's webcast you want to watch

3) Fill out the form

4) Read the terms of agreement and then click the box on the bottom left of the page indicating you understand the rules and will be a good kid and obey.

5) Click done and as soon as you do, you'll get an email with instructions on what to do if you're confused on the day of the show(s).  Don't ask me because I have no clue- I'm just the info giver. Refer to the email you receive.

6) On the day of the show, visit this page and you'll see instructions on how to check out the live webcast.

*Please note that as with anything in life, there's a chance that things might go wrong with the webcast.  I am not God and do not have control over the connection, the weather or the number of people visiting the webcast website.  As a matter of fact, I have nothing to do with this operation.  I'm just letting you know that this option is out there so that if you can't go, you can turn that frown upside down.

Happy rocking out to awesome country music!

Oh...if you're going to the show, pretty please will you share pictures and video and stories with me?  You can email me directly from your smartphone (Traci.Taylor@TownsquareMedia.com) or you can tag me through Twitter @HawkMorningShow or you can share with me through Instagram @djtracitaylor. And if you email, tag or share with me your pics/video, please  know that I reserve the right to use whatever you share on the Hawk and Hawk Morning Show Facebook pages as well as at 981thehawk.com.  Cool?  Cool!