Tonight on WBNG-TV 12 at 8pm is Super Bowl's Greatest Commercials.  CBS will go back as far as 1980 and the Mean Joe Greene Pepsi commercial.

Some of the greatest commercials are from Budweiser.  The frogs, iguana and of course the Clydesdale horses.  The horses have have been featured in funny and sentimental Budweiser commercials through the years.  Reportedly this year,  they're really highlighting the Clydesdales because of a baby.

A baby Clydesdale was born a couple of weeks ago, weighing around 150 pounds.  So Budweiser is taking advantage of the birth by asking you to help name the horse. I'm going with "Mr Ed" or " Harry the Horse," remember you heard it here first. They're asking you to name the baby through it's Twitter and Facebook page.

Surprise, Surprise, the new baby will appear, along with the other Clydesdales in a new 60 second commercial that will run during the big game on Sunday. So enjoy the classic Clydesdale commercials tonight on CBS at 8 and then get ready for some football (commercials) on Sunday.