Vital Stats:

Name: Brooke Albright
Age: 17
From: Apalachin, New York
Singing Experience: From childhood "Since I was very young I’ve always sang along with music on the radio and can’t remember a time when I wasn’t walking around with my iPod and singing."
Heroes: "My brother who has been in the Army since I was a baby and all the men and women that serve our country in the military."
Favorite Country Artist: Luke Bryan "He's worked so hard to make it and is extremely talented. I love to listen to him sing and he seems to be such a good person."
Country Crush: Dustin Lynch "Ever since I saw his blue eyes in his music video 'Cowboys and Angels.'"

The Inside Scoop:

Some people see the age of 30 before deciding what they want to pursue in life. Brooke Albright discovered her knack for music early and threw herself into it, pushing herself to become better every time out. She was in school chorus all through elementary school and then hit an age at which I was still playing with action figures (probably). She had a different take on things:

At age 13, I realized music was what I wanted to do with my life, so I began to get serious about it.

When she was 14, she was the lead singer for two bands that performed at Cyber Café and Potter’s Café. That same year, she entered her first local signing competition. After getting a taste of competition, Brooke took off running. She entered several local singing competitions (making it to the finals in each) and tried out for The Voice, American Idol and X-Factor. That's a high-octane start for someone so young. Listening to Brooke, you can tell she's unfazed. Now, Brooke is taking on country music and as she did when she first discovered singing, she's not backing down:

I was bit by the country music bug at 15 years old and that’s when I started playing guitar. I have sang and played guitar at many places locally including Spiedie Fest, Artists with Hope for Haiti, Owego and Binghamton Art Walk, Tioga Trails Café, Goat Boy Coffee Shop, Black Cat Gallery and have performed at open mic nites and sang karaoke at many local night spots. I am currently working with a local producer on my first single learning a lot about the process and how to write.

To the country music skeptic:

Country music is real, real life. It’s so passionate it can make you laugh or cry but it always touches your heart and soul. Hey, my dad was a country music skeptic and thanks to me he is now also a country music fan and avid listener of 98.1 The Hawk!

To potential voters:

I don’t know what it is about music that changes me so much. I’m very shy but once I start to perform and get an emotional reaction from the crowd it makes me feel strong and the shyness seems to go away.

There are so many highs and lows when you’re trying to make it in the music business but my parents have always been there to support me either way. Like they say when things don’t go the way you want, just keep working hard and remember it’s about 'The Climb,' just keep chasing your dream.

I’m just a humble, shy, small town girl who is passionate about my music and I work hard chasing my music dream. I hope you will listen to and enjoy my song. I would be honored to have your vote but most of all I hope my song will touch your heart and soul. Thank you for listening!

Here is Brooke's song. Take a listen and look out for your opportunity to vote once all 10 contestants have been profiled.