Last Sunday, Carol and Willie Fowler were supposed to see their daughter Tamara get married in Atlanta.  And they'd spent thousands of dollars on a reception for 200 guests.

But then . . . at the last minute the wedding was called off.  Unfortunately, it was the grooms fault.  Now, normally that would mean the parents of the bride would scramble to get all his money back in an awkward situation.  But not these parents!

Instead, he and his wife let the reception go on as planned.  Except instead of inviting friends and family . . . they teamed up with a local charity and invited two-hundred homeless people from the area.  Most of them were families with kids.

Sunday was Willie's 70th birthday.  So, honestly he could have thrown the reception for himself as a birthday party.  But they ended up calling it "The First Annual Fowler Family Celebration of Love."  And all 200 guests enjoyed the four-course meal.

Carol and Willie said they hope it will inspire others to do something for the community if they're given a chance no matter the circumstances.  And they also said their daughter Tamara was thrilled the day wasn't wasted, and handled the whole debacle extremely well. Considering she just had groom troubles!