Binghamton Police were called to Chenango Street  around 11:00 p.m last night (Sunday 6-9-13) over reports of a man was being beaten and robbed. The victim was found face down in the parking lot at 100 Chenango St. The ambulance squad rushed him to Wilson Hospital's Emergency Room with an injury to his head.

A witness said the attackers lifted him up and slammed him to the ground face first. Then sifted through his pockets to steal... get this, LOOSE CHANGE.

Binghamton Police located Jervel Williams and Salladin Barton of Binghamton, near the scene of the beating. Binghamton Police charged both men with a  felony first-degree robbery charge. Maybe when they get out of jail we could all take turns beating on them for the twenty-five cent piece in there pocket (this disgusts me).