Well it looks like Ben Affleck has another movie hit on his hand.  The movie "Argo"  made over 20 million dollars over the weekend and was 2nd at the box office behind "Taken 2."

Have you ever wondered why Ben does such great movies like "Good Will Hunting" and then a stinker like "Gigli."  The folks from Vulture.com have come up with the answer.  It's his beard. His first two big hits "Chasing Amy" and "Good Will Hunting." had the beard thing going.  Ben makes "Surviving Christmas" and "Gigli."  No facial hair, no movie magic and nobody at the movies.  Although Ben would need a lot more than a goatee to save "Gigli."  A lot, lot more.  Now with his latest movie "Argo", his beard is back and now there's the buzz,  as in Oscar buzz.  So Ben, on behalf of all of us beard boys, keep it.  Now if only I could find magic in my goatee....unless lunch counts.