It's Thanksgiving. The day we focus on being thankful for what we have, family and friends.

I am thankful for so much more. Especially that first Country song I heard that lead me to this great job so I could share this music with you. And for the lessons learned by the amazing songs that we play.

And most importantly, for you, our listeners. Here's a secret: you give us the inspiration to do what we do! I started out just like you. Listening to Country and being moved by it. When I transitioned to wanting to share it, well, that became a great blessing. Lifting you up when you need it, playing a sad song when you want to cry, playing a fun one (Red Solo Cup anyone?) when you want to laugh. No matter how bad of a day I am having, when I get into the studio, I think about you and I feel just fine.

So thank you. For listening, for being fans of these great artists and for making me smile every day.

Happy Thanksgiving!