Texas Motor Speedway has just become my favorite race spot and I’ve never even been there. It’s all thanks to their Shake ‘n Bacon Brew Milkshake.

So what is the bacon beer milkshake?  Pretty much what you’d imagine: a combination of ice cream, bacon and beer. It’s like all the delicious flavors of the world teamed up together to form culinary bliss.

But the bacon beer milkshake isn’t just any old bacon and beer.  No, it’s made with six ounces of Ugly Pug Black Lager, six ounces of vanilla ice cream, two ounces of bacon maple syrup and two ounces of candied bacon. And to top it off there’s whipped cream with crumbled bacon on top.

If you’re not headed to Texas Motor Speedway soon you’ll miss out on this deliciousness though because it’s only going to be on sale from October 31st to November 3rd.  If you are headed there, it’ll set you back $10 bucks.  And if you get it, please take lots of pictures of yourself enjoying it and send them to me so that I can enjoy it through you as I won’t be headed to Texas anytime soon.

I know I talk about my love of bacon a lot, and I do love my bacon, but remember this my friends- everything in moderation.

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