Question from Jen:

Today when my boyfriend left for work he told me when "he gets home we have to talk". I hate this because all day I have to worry about what it is he has to talk to me about and Don't know what to say ever. It always leads to and argument. what do I do?

My Answer:

Jen, if he is telling you he wants to talk it's a good thing. GUYS DON'T USUALLY DO THAT! He cares enough about you to sit down and have the discussion. Good or bad, he's with you on this. He could've just run out and replaced you right? I'm not trying to be harsh, but that's the reality. He will be there with you to solve or discuss whatever the topic is. He's not discussing it with the girl you will be replaced with. Unless of course the discussion is "You've been replaced". Then at least be happy he did that with you only and didn't make a public spectacle by cheating, causing a confrontation at a restaurant with you, the other woman and possibly Joey Greco... Just sit back and listen. Let him get all of his thoughts out without interruption. So he won't feel attacked while he's giving you a summary of his emotional status. AGAIN, guys do not like talking about or even revealing that they have emotions. When he's done with the reveal, then rebut calmly. Remember you are both adults here. You're not having an argument at your high school locker accompanied by your cheer leading squad. You love him and share your life with this man. He deserves respect as much as you do.