I started to notice something the other day- my left thumb ached and I the more I think about it, the more I'm convinced it's because I'm  always on my cell.  In addition to my thumbs aching; I’ve noticed my eyesight isn’t what it was.  Sure, it could be because I’m getting older, but I seriously think my cell has a lot to do with it.

Whether cell phones cause brain tumors hasn’t been proven yet, but we do know our phones come with a bunch of  risks.  For one thing, squinting at a smartphone screen for hours (yeah, I’m talking to you, you Candy Crush addict) can strain the eyes, potentially leading to nearsightedness.  Then there’s your ears- plugging your headphones into your phone and cranking the volume can cause noise-induced hearing loss.  If the risk of damaging your eyes and ears doesn’t convince you, consider the possible aesthetic side effects.  

Some doctors believe that constantly looking down at your phone might tug on the delicate skin of the neck and jawline, causing sagginess.  Plus, remember those studies that found your smartphone is filled with more germs than the toilet flushed?  Yeah.  It come as a surprise that holding that filthy thing to your face all day could give you acne.