Here are three brand new things for you to worry about...

1.  Cheating Makes You Feel Good.
A new study out of the University of Washington has found that when you cheat... whether it's during a game or on your husband or wife, it makes your brain feel great. The researchers say cheating makes you gravitate to MORE CHEATING because of that high you're getting. Welp... That's just great.   (Gawker)

2. You'll Never Make Up For Lost Sleep.
When you drag yourself out of bed every morning for work, you can sometimes make yourself feel better by promising you'll make up for lost sleep over the weekend.  Well... NO.  A new study out of Penn State University found that sleeping too little can have a negative effect on your health, but sleeping an extra long time the next night or later in the week doesn't fully undo that damage.  (Perth Now)

3.  Now Even Chickens Are Giving You Cancer.  It always seems like it's healthier to eat chicken rather than red meat.  So this is a huge disappointment. A new study found that eating chicken can increase the risk of breast cancer in women just as much as eating red meat.  Regularly eating either of them can lead to about a 40% jump in your risk of developing breast cancer.  (Food Consumer)