Pro wrestling may be scripted but the wrestler's incredible strength are real.  You want proof?

30-year-old Chris Mordetzky is a former WWE wrestler.  He was called Chris "The Masterpiece" Masters with WWE until they released him in 2011.  He lives in Los Angeles and wrestles at independent shows.  He's also wicked strong.  On Wednesday night, he got a call from his uncle.  Chris's mom was at her house in L.A. when her crazy neighbor  stormed in, barricaded them both in the house and threatened to set the house on fire.

When Chris arrived, the neighbor had already set the house on fire!

So Chris proceeded to rip a tree out of the ground and throw it through the window. Chris ripped a tree out of the ground and reached into the house to pull his mother out.  That's right around when the LAPD got there.  They stormed in and arrested the neighbor for arson. It's not clear why the neighbor went crazy.  Thankfully, Chris's mom wasn't badly injured in the chaos.