This weekends wedding was at The Terra Cotta in Downtown Binghamton. Webb Events and Decor did the column lacing on this one as well and I believe the table sets were done by my good friend Maria, from All Occasions by Maria. With the help of my uplighting package, this room looked amazing. Complete with Christmas Tree and bridesmaid built snowflakes hanging from the ceiling, this room was fit for a winter princess!

Slideshows were running during cocktail hour evoking the "ah! ooh! aw! haha!" sounds from the guests. Dinner was incredible(although I expect nothing less from Terra Cotta Catering), and the special dances were beautiful. I had the guests whirling and twirling and skipping and bouncing around the dance floor all evening. This was a blast of a wedding reception, and apparently so wasn't the ceremony! See the video below: