The World's Largest Yard Sale is coming to the Broome County Fairgrounds in Whitney Point on Saturday, May 31st. You never know what great deals you'll find. Here's an awesome deal that my daughter Tara got at a yard sale over the weekend.

Chenago Bridge had their Community Yard Sale over the weekend. As usual, we had a yard sale at the house. Tara always makes goodie bags to sell or she'll do performances for money.....I'm her biggest customer for that.

Well after she makes some moola, it's time to go spend it.  She usually buys stuffed animals, Barbies and other girl type stuff. However this time, we found a real deal. It was a BEAUTIFUL white dress.

It was on a clothes rack with some other dresses and coats. When she saw it, she knew we just had to have it. After trying it on, it was a done deal. Here's the best part....It was only 10 dollars.....and NO, I didn't dicker with the seller.

She put it on in the van. When we got back home, I opened the door and presented the honorable Tara Michelle Pitcher. Tara told me that she feels special when she wears it and it makes her day better.

It was a great deal and it really lit up a 9 year old's life. She couldn't wait to wear it to church on Sunday. She was really dancing in the aisle.

My point to all of this is....You just never know what great deals you'll get at a yard sale. There will be dozens of vendors and we would love to have you as one as well. Go here to find out more and we'll see you Saturday, May 31st from 8-3 for the best shopping day in the Southern Tier.