After touching down at the Houston Airport and being in the Houston Area for about a day now I thought it would be a good idea to give you a synopsis of plane trip. I am afraid of heights, but for some reason airplanes do not bother me. What DOES bother me is the ridiculously small seats. I'm a big guy, I know this. Let alone the fact that I am not the perfect weight, I am huge. Tall and wide. I ended up with... THE MIDDLE SEAT.

Photo By: Rich Birdsall

It wasn't a horrible experience however, since my girlfriend is the size of a popsicle stick, I was able to utilize a bit of her seat as well. The lady to my other side was nice and didn't complain that we were touching sides the whole flight. I really would've been a little more comfortable if I didn't have to squish my elbows together the whole time, but It could've been worse if it had been a longer flight. The steward staff was nice and accommodating with beverages and and extra seat belt clip. I was really impressed with the United Airlines pilots skill level. Take offs and landings were smooth as silk. Others I've flown in the past were a bit jarring to say the least. Overall this was a good experience. I would've loved to be able to get my butt into one of those nice wide seats in the front of the plane but... Those where twice the price! "Feel free to move about the cabin" Sure! If I could move at all... :-)