With the new year comes a new mayor for the city of Binghamton.

Republican Rich David took the mayoral oath yesterday and was sworn in as the Mayor of Binghamton.

According to WBNG, Rich David spoke of not wasting any time in office. After taking the oath, David discussed some changes he plans to immediately take including his public safety plan.

David's public safety program includes hiring more police officers and increasing foot patrols in the city. Because of a recent string of robberies and crime in Binghamton, David said he's very concerned about residents and wants to focus on creating a safer city right away.

Also sworn in yesterday was Greg Deemie as Mayor in the Village of Johnson City.  Although Deemie has been serving as mayor since April of 2012 when former Dennis Hannon resigned, he defeated Barrett Esworthy in November to be able to serve his first full-term.